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what is social media?

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Social Media is a collection of interactive technologies that allow for the creation or sharing and exchanging of information, ideas, interests and other forms of expression.  As social media grows in popularity it has mostly taken over as one of the ways to engage your customers.



PuzzlingMoments can provide you with curated content along with a social media calendar to help you know how to use what we deliver and when.

If you would like some extra help, we can even help you schedule your posts in advance so that your posting becomes very hands off, and lets people know your business is still active and working.

Our photo sessions usually last 30 minutes to 1 hour and we can edit and deliver images to you in 24 to 48 hours.

We can deliver still images that capture the ambiance of your restaurant, the style of your décor, and the general vibe your want your business to portray. On top of this we can provide video and animation content to compliment your other posts and help round out your social profile.

Six Reasons Why Social Media is Important for Business

  • Affordable Way to Market your Business: When it comes to monetary investment for a business, social media is the most affordable way to generate quick revenue that will give you a highly economical way to reach out the target consumers and increase brand awareness.
  • Access to Local and Global Audience: On the top of everything, social media helps businesses reaching out a wider audience locally and globally. You can search for a new audience as well as connect with the existing audience in a meaningful way.
  • Establishes Brand Recognition: When it comes to drive more customers to a business, brand recognition is a significant element to consider. A strong social media presence gives a voice to your brand. The social channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.) give you an opportunity to establish your business as a prominent brand by keeping a meaningful relationship with consumers in real-time.
  • Valuable Customer Insights: The more you understand about target audience, more nurtured relationship you will have with them. And social media enables a business to gain valuable insights about customer behavior and interests. Such insights will help you understand the needs and demands of your customers.
  • Enriched Customer Service: Being a wide communication channel, the platform of social media provides an instant way to receive customers’ feedback. You can immediately address customer’s complaints or issues by apologizing them publicly and resolving the issues at hand. Moreover, interacting with them in real time build their trust and confidence in your brand.

  • Increase Targeted Traffic: With a regular posting schedule (of quality content) on social media, you can skyrocket the inbound traffic. And an increased traffic leads to more leads and conversions eventually.



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